The Global Digital Bullion Asset on Waves Blockchain

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Total Tokens 21,000,000
Founder 5%
Team 10%
Investors 60%
Charity 2.5%
Give Away 5%
Merchant 7.5%
Defi Project 10%

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Token Information
Token Name DigiBullion
Platform WAVES
Decimals 8
Total Tokens 21,000,000

DigiBullion is Digital Bullion Asset.Created on Waves Blockchain based on Infinite Gold Value.

21,000,000 Tokens available and not re-issuable. DigiBullion can used to send, receive, trade, exchange and shop.

Defi Project
  • Crypto Wallet

    Send / Receive, Store DigiBullion, Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, WCT, Liquid and more..
  • Decentralized Exchange

    Buy and Sell DigiBullion with Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, SOW at Waves Blockchain's Decentrlized Exchange Platform
  • Value of DigiBullion

    DigiBullion is digital gold cryptocurrency token. It's value is based on real gold.

Wallets and Decentralized Exchange Platform

  • • Click on Waves Web Wallet
  • • Create an account with temporary username and password
  • • Save or write down waves wallet seeds (15 words seed)
  • • Your wallet is ready to access.
  • • Send receive funds with Instant.
  • • Peer to Peer transactions within seconds
  • • Low transaction fees as 0.001 WAVES
  • • Trade fee as 0.004 WAVES
  • • DigiBullion enable sponsorship as 0.1 DigiBullion (soon)